Amp Advice: What To Trade For?

Look at Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney … ask for Brian Meader …

Carr dealer … PRS … Mesa … Dr Z … Suhr … Two Rock.

I went through a Kemper DSM Humbolt Two Note Captor X .

Two Rock Suhr Bella Matchless … was stunned by the Carr Rambler … small space and it exceeds all of my bullet points

Would also recommend the Boss IR-200 …. Phenomenal with headphones so the neighbors can rest at night.

For a DI box the Warm Audio active DI is wonderful

IK Multimedia has a unit that allows you to profile your amp and interface so you can go direct and capture the sound of your amp and pedals without disturbing the neighbors ...
Tonex Capture

The UA OX box needs an update… poor wireless connection and multiple dropouts

The other dealer in DFW is Tone Shop Guitars … they are PRS dealer but their amp selection is a bit limited
If you want as many options as possible jammed into an amp one need look no further than the Revv Generator 120 MK III. You could sell everything you mentioned and be covered with that. You have a lot of great options. You could always get a Kemper as well. :)