Another TGS Victim :P


Mmmm singlecuts..
Apr 29, 2012
Alberta, Canada
Picked up my new Exp '12 Tremonti from the post man today...and wow...what a rock machine. 10 top, pattern thin Charcoal Burst and it sounds better than I could have ever imagined! Huge thanks to Mr. Moss at TGS for hooking me up and to all the staff at PRS for making guitars that sound and play like this! :)
Now to try and remember how to link Imgur pics haha..and yeah that's my grinning mug :p too busy playing to take beauty shots tonight...
TGS=The Gifted Salesgenie....
Make all our wishes come true!! Cool guitar, ENJOY!!
Congrats! Looks awesome:rock:
I've fallen victim a couple times myself;)
Love the tremonti pickups. And your guitar is beautiful. Congrats
Had some decent time with the guitar and I really couldn't be happier with it :D It is just so much more aggressive than my Stripped '58, it is just amazing in channels 2 and 3 of my Mesa Mk V! It's the perfect hard rock/metal guitar, the tones in this instrument just embarrass my EMG equipped Lester, not that the Tremonti is hotter, but it just sounds soooo much better than the actives.....if that accurately describes anything lol
Figured I would post another pic of it, photos courtesy of Brent Moss and TGS

Thanks again Brent, you know how to pick 'em!
Make sure you see lots of pictures, if you aren't going to be checking it out in person, Expatgirl!