1999 PRS Promotional Video

I would love that, but being in the UK, I don't think I could watch it anyway. Different system AFAIR
So I may just reach out to corporate (PRS) and ask if they’d mind if I convert it over to cd. At that point I’d be willing/wanting to share it here. Wouldn’t be for sale just historical reference (how’s that for legal talk).
Great share, thx

Interesting what he said in the finish segment about thin topcoats and their effect on sound.
When I rebuilt and refinished my SCHB I was astounded by the fact than 1) the body was not stained, and 2) there were 2 different coats of red and a clear coat, making it a fairly thick layer of finish to sand down. (lot's of work)

Relating this all back to the sound of the guitar, before I did the refinish I was slightly disappointed that although it was an all mahogany build, it did not have the mids & low end that my dbl cutaway HB with a maple top had, when usually the opposite is the case.

Moving on to after the refinish, which I did a hand applied traditional violin finish, and the difference is clear to my ears. Although the SCHB never gained much bottom end compared to my other HB (I guess simply the build & wood selected), but the mids really jumped out and it went from a guitar I couldn't get a very round Jazz tone, to one with a very pronounced midtone voice perfect for Jazz improv and comping.
FYI, you all, Ken is sending me this tape. I know just the place to digitalise it to a better resolution than above 360fps. I will email PRS customer service if they want to put it on their YT channel; if not, I will do it on mine with no monetisation and all credits given