1. R

    CE-24 Polish?

    What polish can I use on CE-24? Want to get swirl marks out cause the thing is a work of art and deserves to be swirl free
  2. DickBanks

    PTC - Recommended Setup and a Simple Question

    I've had my PRS S2 Custom 24 for about 6 weeks, and I absolutely LOVE it, now. But when I got it, it was in need of a setup. Mainly, the frets weren't level, 4 of them, so I couldn't adjust the action where I liked it to be (4/64"). Did a fret level, crown and polish, myself, and now it's...
  3. I

    Cleaning advice for my new Wood Library guitar

    Hi all, I've a 2017 Custom 24/08 Wood Library model and, other than using a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, I'm yet to clean it. The guitar came with no real care info, so I'm just checking for best advise on what to use to keep it in tip top condition. It's an ebony fretboard. I'm unsure on...
  4. MichaelS

    PRS Guitar Polish... does it take out swirls?

    ...does it take out light surface swirls? or are there other preferred products anyone is using for that?
  5. J

    How to remove scratches from a PRS SE Custom 24

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately yesterday I scratched my brand new PRS SE Custom 24 guitar with the hateful chair where I play (it has a bolt where the arms are attached). They are not deep scratchs, they seem to be shallow. There are not dents either. I have read a lot about guitar polishers as...