pickups difference

  1. Y

    Parallel Axis Distortion + Blues Saraceno on my PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd

    Just upgraded the pickups on my PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd from PRS 85/15 "S" pickups to Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Distortion + Blues Saraceno. I know that Blues Saraceno pickup is originally designed for the bridge position, but I installed it on the neck position because: 1. It was really...
  2. stankbank

    59/09 in an SE 245? Is it a worthy upgrade?

    I recently got a 245 SE guitar - I absolutely love it! It plays very well and its become my go to 'everyday guitar'. I was never a person to replace pickups in guitars - literally have never done this. I currently play through a Fractal Audio FM9 Turbo, into stereo studio monitors (Yamahas). I...
  3. J

    My First Core Purchase Advice

    Hey everyone just looking to get some advice on buying my first Core model. For the last few years I have been rocking a 2018 PRS SE CU24. I wasn't crazy about the 85/15 pickups in them as they seemed a little dull with a lack of definition in the low end. I ended up replacing them with Rebel...
  4. M

    Can someone clarify a question about TCI pickups in Santana core?

    Hi ho all, So, I am looking at picking up a 2019 Santana Retro with the 58/15 & Santana Bridge/Neck config respectively. She was built in early January of 2020 according to the tag, but the headstock has her pegged as a 19. Were the pickups in this model TCI tweaked or no? Just want to get my...
  5. B

    Pickups compared

    Hello everybody, I need some help wirh PRS puckups. Can someone tell me the difference in sound and output between these pups: 7 245 57/08 58/15 which one is „hotter“? Thx, Bernardo