59/09 in an SE 245? Is it a worthy upgrade?


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Apr 23, 2022
I recently got a 245 SE guitar - I absolutely love it! It plays very well and its become my go to 'everyday guitar'. I was never a person to replace pickups in guitars - literally have never done this. I currently play through a Fractal Audio FM9 Turbo, into stereo studio monitors (Yamahas).

I was looking into PU replacements and the 59/09's come up alot. Do you think there is a worthy upgrade from the stock SE S pickups to the 59/09? Are the differences large enough to justify the cost?

Anyone have any experience in this area? Thanks in advance!
Absolutely. I put 57/08’s in an SE Akesson (basically a signature model SE245) and love it, also put a 59/09 in an S2 and love that. 57/08 or 59/09, if you love the guitar you can’t go wrong!
5909 is always the right answer, unless its 5708, 5915whatever, \m/, DW, oh D1s, DGT, etc etc etc

Yes 5909 would be a worthy upgrade, but consider 5909 in bridge and 5708 in neck.. killer combo!