phase iii

  1. A

    PRS Phase III Tuners on SE SS

    I was looking for a way to mount the Phase III tuners on my SE SS without seeing the footprint from the previous vintage tuners. I came across these little mounting plates from Graph Tech. They are mount plates meant for the GT Ratio Tuners but worked well with the Phase III tuners. The only...
  2. C

    Looking for a place to purchase replacement screws for my Custom 24

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I believe this is the correct place to ask this question. But if not, I apologize. I'm trying to follow all the rules :) I have a 2014 USA Custom 24. I'm trying to find a few replacement screws. Unfortunately the local hardware stores didn't have any matches...
  3. Sekunda

    Phase III tuners are tight

    My Phase III tuners on my 2012 Stripped 58 are really tight and hard to turn which makes the tuning jump sharp or flat sometimes. What is the best way to make these a little more easy to tune? Just wanted to see if anyone had an answer (or had this problem) before I start loosening things up :)...
  4. grausch

    Phase III tuners tension adjustment and button removal

    I recently purchased a used set of Phase III tuners that according to the owner were barely used. These replaced a set of Gotoh SD 90 MG tuners in my Bernie. With the Gotohs I had absolutely zero issues, but post-install of the Phase IIIs, the following started occurring: Tuning up on the G, B...