1. M

    CTS pots and PRS knobs

    Can anyone tell me if any of the USA knobs fit the standard CTS pots? I've read several posts where the cts pot diameter is slightly smaller than the knob. If so, do they only properly fit the (overpriced) PRS branded pots?
  2. P

    Hollowbody II SE knobs

    Has anybody replaced the black speed knobs on the HBII? Any pictures? They don't seem to match some of the beauty of the rest of the guitar, but I'm not sure what to replace them with.
  3. C

    Prs se custom HELP

    I just bought a used prs se custom(tremolo I think). The old man had no idea. It is a 2009. And the chrome on the bridge is messed up. Do they sell replacement knobs and bridges for these things!? If so at a decent price? Help is much appreciated.
  4. CM Harris

    Replacing Mira Pick Guard

    Hi, I'm the happy new owner of a seafoam, semi hollow Mira! And will be changing out the pick guard from black to white pearloid. Now, I've replaced pick guards before but with much less finesse. I want to do this right. Any warnings? I'm guessing I just need to wrap the knobs with cloth or...