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Nov 8, 2016
I just bought a used prs se custom(tremolo I think). The old man had no idea. It is a 2009. And the chrome on the bridge is messed up. Do they sell replacement knobs and bridges for these things!? If so at a decent price? Help is much appreciated.
Hello and welcome. Yes there are replacement parts available but first we need to determine which bridge you have on your guitar. If you show us a photo someone will be sure to advise you.
Thanks I'll check it out. It looks like this
Here, I'll help out a bit


That's a US bridge by the way. The SE bridges are similar but different in subtle ways.
Damn, if that's the SE you bought you did well!

lol its not i bought one that looks just like this.
i think im gonna try taking apart and polishing the bridge before replacing. i just was having problems finding parts. as opposed to fender and gibson parts which are everywhere.