1. Moondog Wily

    All I Need (new song from Moondog Wily)

    Just released a new song into the wild ("All I Need"). I have decided that I am going to release songs I call "Studio Live" songs in a series. These will all be things that I record live, no overdubs, no punch ins, no extra instruments after the fact (some might call these "Demos"). Just me...
  2. Moondog Wily

    Giddy-Up With A Whiskey Cup

    Fun story to go with this one! PRS Forum member @danktat posted a thread on May 17 titled "Friday Night Drinking Thread". I was the first to respond and my words were "Giddy-up with a whisky cup!" which I typed based on the picture, and an old fiends penchant for saying "Giddy-Up" when we are...
  3. Moondog Wily

    Moondog Wily's Greatest Hits

    I have been a musician my entire life, but never wanted to pursue a career in this field because of the "rigged game" that is the music industry. Music has always been my religion (don't know if I heard that Hendrix quote, but I have felt that way from even before knowing who Jimi Hendrix was)...