1. J

    PRS 1957/2008 pickups

    Hello guys, I hope you're doing great! I found a set of 1957/2008 pickups, I would like to know if there's a wiring diagram, is possible use split coil, I have no idea why there's a white cable out the braid. Also what you think about them. Any input is welcome. Thank you!
  2. S

    2008 Korina 24 Limited Specs?

    Looking to get more history in these...specs, value etc. From what I can find this was a limited run, Mira pickups (?), feels like a regular or thin profile. Any input appreciated.
  3. S

    Thoughts on 2008 CE24

    I have a 2005 and was curious as to any changes, comparative quality etc. Looking at a few different years for a backup. Any input appreciated.
  4. Ironwolf

    NGD Jet White Star Bright hot Core MIRA Ltd Edition 2008

    got this in last night last-minute, before turkey day, UPS drivers last stop of the day, 9 PM at night. Wow wow wow, I have been slowly picking through various lightweight guitars, finally figured out heavy guitars hurt your body about 4 years ago. I tried 3 or 4 hollow bodies at that time 4...