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    What can I expect changing to 57/08s

    Hm - interested as I have CU24 Stoptail and I have a set to replace the D2 and HFS in there now
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    The Edward Van Halen (EVH) Prototype PRS; 1 of 2

    I love Mike Batio, he's a dude. I recall Mr Hans posting the thread all the those years ago, what a piece of history at the very least. That is the creepiest video ever, note the HSH PRS in stripes also shown. I am going to go look up Guthrie's PRS idea. And then call the exorcist for this...
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    NGD: 53/10 Limited

    A think the PAF comparison is more apt, btw some beautiful guitars have cropped up in this thread.
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    NGD !!! 1994 Custom 24 Stoptail in Whale Blue

    Aww man that is awesome, stoptails are the best.
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    What is on your pedal board

    20th Anniversary sorry, there was one for sale in Oz but ZI think it's gone, still a unicorn for me this one.
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    What is on your pedal board

    Using the Disaster Area DMC3 to change programs, can do one or other or both. It can also control the looper on the Timeline, I have not used this feature. The DPC4EZ looper also has MIDI but I have to head scratch as to how I would use that. I have to take a bit more time to sync the...
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    What is on your pedal board

    Totally agree - I though about the H9 but I am so reluctant to flip anything out at this point. I can loop a Crybaby through the Mobius for the time I need one, your comments did make me realise this so thank for the input. Are you still using your 25th Anni as your main guitar or a variety?
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    What is on your pedal board

    This is mine, favourite is the Brigadier, if only I could do the the wah thing on the Mobius I would be super happy.
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    Geddy Lee Has Some Insane Guitars up for Auction

    Well I know what Joe Bonamassa will be doing shortly.....
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    Hard-tail with Wide-thin neck ?

    My CU22 is a stoptail with wide thin from 2002, the CU24's are the rare ones especially with birds.
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    What was Your 1st PRS?

    2000 CU22 Trem with moons, Dark Cherry Burst with 5 position knob.
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    NGD: 53/10 Limited

    I am hoping to get a SC594 soon, so I can compare at some stage.
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    NGD: 53/10 Limited

    Yep - I can agree, it was a statement that I recall from awhile ago re the P90. So the HB overcomes the hum, but the low power gives the sweetness. Interestingly how do they stack up against the 58/15LT's? The 53/10's are such rarities I have never witnesses a direct comparison.
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    NGD: 53/10 Limited

    I have 53/10's in my CU22, more akin to an overpowered P90 as I seem to recall Paul saying.