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    NGD Wood Library McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Good God man! Classic! Perfection! I just love McCarty Burst. It glows like it's alive!
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    Pay It Forward - Free Swag

    Hey rugerpc, do you still have the G&L strap?
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    About to buy a 97 PRS CE Custom 24. Help?

    I'd go for the '97. Agreed, it looks like Tortoise Shell - and looks amazing!
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    NGD McCarty 594

    Jeezum Peezum that's incredible! Natural back, too? Let's see it!
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    NGD - Familiar edition....

    Awesome, congrats! I really want to get my hands on a Mira Korina one day
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    Back in the fold... recent NGD: Special 22 Semi-Hollowbody

    Good Lawd! Congratulations, that one is stunning!
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    NGD...Finally Checked One Off My "Must Have" List!!!!!

    Congrats! That beauty is a classic!
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    Real or fake 513?

    That is sweet, congrats! Is the name of the color listed on any of the case candy? Looks like the PRS take on Fiesta Red
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    Picking up my first PRS this weekend!!!

    Dude, that's a sweet ride! Natural backs always look great, too.
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    NGD..its here!

    Wow! What a top on that one!
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    You probably *need* at least one...

    Got mine in the mail a week or so ago, thanks again for sending them to me!
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    You probably *need* at least one...

    Dude, that's super cool! So nice of you!
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    Replacing a lost HFS pickup

    Seriously some of the nicest people on the Interwebs hang out here
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    How long you guys playing PRS guitars??

    In January of 1998 I finally received the 97 CE24 I had ordered quite a few months back. Vintage cherry, one piece mahogany body. God I still love that guitar. Lately the WT neck feels a bit thin sometimes, but overall this guitar still feels like home. Just feels right
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    Yoga For Guitar Players

    I'm in!