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    Show your Custom 22(s)!

    How about a P22?
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    Champagne Electrics CE24&22's

    OK if this thread is the "post your obligatory CE pics" thread, I'm going to obligatorily post my CE pics! This is now my #1. It is a '97 CE22 that has a bit of history. Supposedly the only CE ever produced with a maple board and black birds, it somehow ended up being owned by Howard Leese...
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    Sweet! Congrats. Look forward to a report. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these!
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    2014 Zach Myers upgrades

    Here's what I'm thinking:
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    Zach Myers demoing his AMAZING!! new SE

    I have my eyes on this guitar as well and have since the very first speculation post some months ago where somebody snapped a pic of it in Zach's rack. Speaking to the gigbag/GC issue raised, I will say that my wife surprised with with a black Navarro SE a couple of years ago. She bought it new...
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    Those of you playing acoustics live...

    Check out the Zoom a2.1u. I've used mine mostly with the piezo side of an electric guitar but it works great as a DI, tuner and multi-effects. I run my Taylor acoustic into a DI and straight to the the PA and just use my onboard eq.
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    NGD: SE Dave Navarro

    Congrats! I have the same one, black flat top, and love it. I've had it for two years and have gigged it regularly. I have been very happy with it stock. No issues with stiff pots or tone for me. Plenty hot and dirty for our heavier tunes and cleans up nice and bright in my fender amp...
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    Custom TRC for the "Blackbird"

    In the likeness of the forum TRC, I decided to get a maple trc and add the artwork to match my black birds. Still need to clear coat it. It was a little short too so I thought I would try a double layer trc! The maple isn't as light as I would have liked but I think it works OK.
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    Finally got to play on a real stage.......

    Very cool man, congrats!
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    Raffle - SE Custom 24 Whale Blue

    I'll take one.
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    Keep pickup covers or remove them?

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! "Keep" the covers outnumbers by a 2-1 margin. I was leaning that way anyway. I love open pickups but I am also a sucker for chrome on black. If the covers ever tarnish and start to look bad maybe I will yank them but since this guitar was owned and played...
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    Would double-blacks look better?

    Here you go.
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    Keep pickup covers or remove them?

    I was late to the party but hope to get one of these for it!
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    Keep pickup covers or remove them?