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    Price Increases on PRS Custom 24?

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    For all Ozzy Osbourne/Zakk Wylde fans

    I have No More Tears, great album. That's the 2nd with Zakk right?
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    For all Ozzy Osbourne/Zakk Wylde fans

    If someone quits after a minute and a dozen of harmonics, it's not a Wylde fan right?
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    Hugely disappointed

    Is powder blue a metallic or solid color?
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    So what’s NEW for PRS IN 2021? Just curious!!!

    Custom 22s gone again? And only pattern thin for 24s? :-|
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    What's Coming in 2021?

    More natural colors, may the violets / tigers / trampas green / charcoals be banned... And please go some ebony for fretboards...
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    Early CE Bridge Parts

    what do you mean with milcom tremolo? it was a factory that did the trems for prs back in the day?
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    Floyd Rose with no rout?

    On bolt on neck guitars, you can put a slanted shim on the neck pocket. On set neck, if neck is parallel to the body (like PRSes with tremolo system) you have to route the body to have the floyd at the right height. Again, is too much work for an SE, just sell yours and buy the right one.
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    Floyd Rose with no rout?

    I knew that a guitar with a top mounted floyd (without the body route) need the neck to be tilted backward, just like the tune-o matic bridge on the gibsons. Too much hassle and money. I would just sell yours and buy the SE floyd.
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    What's Coming in 2021?

    Vela goes SE?
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    String Height at the first fret

    @mtnman82 no, without pressing strings at all
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    Nothing to do, right? (xxx pic inside!)

    I took the guitar home from the luthier who fixed some frets for me. The notes on the G string have too quickly decay compared to the other strings, I guess it is due to the notch on the saddle which is not completely finished.
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    2 Custom 24's - 1 serial number

    Oh simple, one is fake :D
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    CE24 fretwork finish ok?

    I've seen fret tips like these in other new guitars (prs and not) so I assume it's ok.
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    Question about serial number in Custom 24 Gold Top

    How do they repair broken necks?