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    INGD: I just put a deposit down on a 2008 Core Mira

    Core Mira’s are fantastic. I love 2009 Korina and the fact it is a stoptail.
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    New SE’s!!! HB,HBII, Starla, and Mira?!?!

    I ordered an HB II. I was told November, I was hoping early November. Who gave you the ETA?
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    New SE’s!!! HB,HBII, Starla, and Mira?!?!

    Just pulled the trigger on the Hollowbody II. Any idea when they will ship?
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    Se tremolo set screw

    I have an SE Custom 24 Rosewood Sweetwater Special and have seem to have lost the set screw that holds the tremolo arm in. Anybody know how to get one?
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    I got it at The Experience...

    Special 22 Semi-hollow, still waiting for the delivery from Ish Guitars...
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    2018 PRS Experience

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    2018 PRS Experience

    Were we supposed to get our pass in the mail or when we get there?
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    I have a Vela and love all the options i get with the pickups. The neck pick up takes everything i throw at it well. I used to never use tone and volume knobs much. This guitar has opened up a whole new world to me. Over drive and fuzz seem to work very well for me on both pick ups. Get one!
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    One Man's Struggle w/ G.A.S. - Am I alone??

    There's one thing I know about guitar addiction. If you keep picking at it, it'll never heal.
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    Incoming NGD....

    Got my Vela in today. Shipped from Willcutt guitars. Very classy company.
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    Best Live Album?

    The Song Remains the Same
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    Telecaster tone hunt

    I'm hoping the Vela! I've got one on the way.
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    I love SG's but Gibsons are SO inconsistent -

    I agree with the others. I have Mira Korina and a Mira X. Both are excellent!