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    I did a thing. Blasphemed, maybe, but did a thing...

    You need to step up those mods. I have modded every guitar I had until I got my 594 and 509, they are just right.
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    Performing my first ever guitar setup on my first ever PRS?

    The locking nuts on the cores are hand done at the factory, they don’t use off the shelf parts for them so it should be fine. If you do try this and go too far you can get a shim to bring it back up. I’ve never messed with a locking nut on any of the my Floyd’s. For neck relief I adjust the...
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    Humbucker sized P90 recommendations

    I’ve really been looking hard at the bare Knuckles Mississippi Queen set lately, I almost bought a set last week. I just need another guitar to put them in.
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    CU24 has tight fret spacing. Would CU22 solve the my problem?

    The 513 & 509’s are 25.25” scale length as well But they do have a bit of a heel on the neck and they are pattern which isn’t as thin, or as wide as a pattern thin. Also only 22 frets.
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    PRS S2 McCarty 594 - Locking Tuner Replacement

    I don’t own anything with those tuners but my guess would be the non collared with the press in bushings for the post will be closest. The collared ones need a 10mm hole while the non collared is smaller.
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    PRS S2 McCarty 594 - Locking Tuner Replacement

    There are kluson and gotoh’s that are both basically a drop in for the vintage style tuners, you my need to open up the post hole slightly though for the bushing with a reamer. A drill or round file will work in a pinch if you are careful. Here’s the gotohs...
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    Question about the 58/15 LT TCI pickups' volume drop

    your wiring looks right. I can see the resistors on the push pull pot. You could check resistance with a meter if you think it’s still a problem. I don’t hear a huge volume drop on my pickups on the 594’s. What I do hear is a lot less mids which can be perceived as volume when split. The...
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    Question about the 58/15 LT TCI pickups' volume drop

    Your wiring should look like this: Are your resistors there on the back of the push pull pot?
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    Question about the 58/15 LT TCI pickups' volume drop

    I don’t know about the regular McCarty’s but my 594’s have a resistor so that when split they “steal” some of the second coil windings instead of grounding them out, this causes less volume drop. a normal guitar definitely won’t have this but this is a PRS. The pickup output should read...
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    Question about the 58/15 LT TCI pickups' volume drop

    Is it on both pickups you notice the volume drop or just one? Do you have a multimeter you could check it with?
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    Want some soapbars back

    Has anyone tried a bare knuckles hsp90 in a 594? They are supposed to sound just like the soap bars bkp makes. I’m thinking the blue note or Mississippi queen would work well.
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    Need a replacement bridge or saddles. CU22 - wider string spacing

    Wrap around stop tail or trem bridge on your 22?
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    SE Holcomb with a crooked bridge and no help

    There’s an easy fix to that bridge problem
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    SE Mods

    Does this count as modded if I bought it like this? My first SE I do plan on some locking tuners and some different knobs.
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    Sustainer/sustainiac pickup mod

    I had one I installed in a schecter years ago. It works great for Slow moody soundscapes and things but wasn’t anything I couldn’t do with an ebow or digitech freqout pedal. I never got it to work as a pickup even after following the instructions very close and trying to fix it several...