Why does it seem like the regular Custom 24 is an endangered species?


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Nov 17, 2022
Everywhere you look, it seems like the basic CU24s or CU24-08s are indefinitely on backorder. Sure, there's plenty of SEs and S2s on the lower end and lots of Wood Library and the odd Private Stock on the higher end, but nothing in the middle (well, what is the middle for PRS).

I thought the CU24 was supposed to be their flagship model, the "quintessential PRS guitar"? They seem to be putting more effort into appeasing the classic rock set with more and more classic-inspired 22-fret models and the entry-level end of the market with more and more SE models. Those aren't the guitars that elevated PRS Guitars to where they are today. They should still continue to emphasize producing that model and models that follow in its spirit instead of try and steal Fender/Gibson's market share.
I get the sentiment. However the market might have shifted.

I love my CU24, and in the past I prefered 24 frets, when I was playing the more metal oriented scene. However in the last 10 years that shifted and I am starting to prefer the 22 fret offerings. And now that I come to think of it: core CU24s are getting rare as well where I live...
While the CU24 caught my attention 30 hrs ago, it was the look more than the function. My heart quickly moved to the CU22 and my first PRS was actually a DC594 in 2021. I am far from the classic rock set. The 22 fret and fixed bridge platform is perfect for me. I rarely go above the 15th fret and tremelos seem superfluous to me. I now own 5 PRS and will spec out number 6 at the factory next month... Each of our situations are different and for me, PRS is firing on all cylinders.

The thing I love about PRS is the innovation and lack of sacred cows. We already have a few guitar companies who stopped innovating in the last millennia and refuse to move on. If PRS abandons the CU24 (which I doubt) it will be because they have better products and the market is driving in that direction.
Not endangered at all, but there are more diverse offerings today than the beginning. There's over 75 brand new core Cu24 on reverb right now, not se, s2, WL, or PS, only core. I went into a guitar store tonight that had only 2 cores, one was a 594 and the other a Cu24. They're out there and maybe the places that have them on back order is because they already sold their stock.

There are plenty of new Cu24 being built and for sale.
Remember, the SE’s are made in a different factory so they have a different supply demand ratio. The CU24’s are on back order since Covid. So here’s the dilemma……do you speed up production and run the risk of lesser quality? Nope. Keep making the best you can. I’m not concerned about 22 vs 24 frets, but I‘m the biggest fanboy aboput continued quality.
My first PRS was a CU22, bought back in 2006. I still have it and love it. My second PRS was a CU24, also bought back in 2006. I still have it too. However, it has always received much less play time than the CU22. I got it right on the first purchase and should probably have skipped the CU24. I bought it because it is what PRS built his company on and I wanted the OG guitar. It is the one, of my many PRS guitars that I would consider selling because I just don't use it. It is a beautiful 10 top in Whale Blue. All of my other PRS guitars are 22 fret guitars with Wide Fat/Pattern, Pattern Regular and Pattern Vintage necks. I just prefer the shorter thicker necks. I am very happy that PRS has focused more on 22 fret models.
I still see plenty popping up new online. Personally my biggest issue with the Custom 24 (I own 3) is that they only come with tremolos in a production model. If they mixed it up and put hardtails on a CU24 that isn't an artist sig (I prefer the Pattern Regular neck as well), I think they'd open up another sweet market. My money is waiting. But I think they're still plentiful, though it's hard to deny the market that the 594s opened up for PRS.
Its worse if you want a CU22 they don't make them new right now , luckily I have mine :)
I'm still waiting on a CU24 with a pattern neck