Here is my Unicorn 1999 McCarty Soapbar Tremolo 10 Top Dark Cherry Sunburst with Birds Inlays

No, I wasn't the guy selling it, but I was the highest bidder. It didn't meet the reserve so I contacted the seller to make a deal, as I've been on the hunt for a Maryland made Baritone for a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG time.

This guitar now resides in the Chicago-land area. It was made in 2001 and has Dragon 1 pickups, a bone nut, and non locking tuners. I'm currently contemplating making some updates to the nut, black plastics, and Phase II tuners. I'm just a little unsure if I just don't want to keep it all original.

It plays amazing and is currently tuned to Drop A with the same string set on the Mushoks, 14-68. I have a Mushok Baritone with Tremonti pickups, and I will say that the US made baritone is a much different and more comfortable to play.

I've dug up the history on it through a couple sources, and it appears to be a Lanahan special, made around the time baritones were being built for Pete L.
I'm not familiar with Lanahan special but Pete L has been discussed here a lot. That's a great score. Takes the Unicorn cake as far as I'm concerned.
I remember the day well Sleeb! We found ourselves back in 82. Those disco spot never held any charm for us two. We were far more concerned with bigger things. It was that warm spring day when me & sleeb decided to .......................... Catch a pearl & ride the Dragons wings.

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As far as I know, this is the only DGT that exists in Bonnie Pink (maybe there are some PS ones). With stock chrome covers no less.

That's a fabulous specimen. Wow. That color wouldn't be first on my list, but it's a gorgeous maple top. Great fingerboard, too.
Full thickness singlecut trem satin finish, with Hum (originally tapable #7), Anderson stacked single coil & P90, unfinished hog neck plays like a dream , huge range of tones


Nice!!! Private Stock or made for an Artist?
Nice!!! Private Stock or made for an Artist?

good question, I asked PRS support all they could tell me was that it was a single cut, the shop I bought it from ( in the States I am in the UK)claimed it was private stock but as it has no signatures on the the back of the head stock / supports response I doubt that, the only clue I have is a name in the pickup cavity which Google implies may be a guy who was/is a sales director at Mesa boogie and I have seen pictures of him with PRS staff so it could have been made for him I guess. The only other PRS with this pickup configuration I have seen pictures of is a double cut John Forgerty used to play (same colour too I think).