Switching options


Oct 19, 2012
Boulder, CO
So I've got a splitable McCarty Bass and a non-splitable 245 Treble and I'm going to be using a 5 way switch. Before I saw that the McCarty was splitable, my thought was:

1. Full Bridge, bypassing tone control
2. Full Bridge, with tone control
3. Bridge and Neck in series
4. Bridge and Neck in Parallel
5. Full Neck

Now that I see that the McCarty is splitable, I have more options...and a dilemma. How should I wire these for the most variety ( and only standard or super 5 way--no push/pulls or switches)?

The following are required, it I still have a couple positions that are open.

1. Full Bridge
2. ???
3. Both in series
4. ???
5. Full Neck.

What should I do for the other two? Parallel? Split Neck? Split Neck and Full Bridge? Some other combo? Help!
I think you should take apart the 245 and mod/split it.... just for more variety.... and more fun. :beer:
OK. So Then what? What do you guys think are the two best split combos? Both singles? Neck and split bridge? Neck split and full bridge? Insides? Outsides? One of each?
Thanks, Sergio. It's funny that I'm being so indecisive about this. Before I had the splitable McCarty, I was all set to go. Now I'm worried about missing out and having to redo the wiring. It's not that big a deal, but I wanna do it right and only once. The guitar has a circuit board for the piezo and since the outputs get blended, there's a connection from the mag pickups to the circuit. It has me a little stressed. Worst case is I go get help.