SE Locking Tuners

There’s no rule saying you can’t wrap around the post on the PRS locking tuners! I feel that one wrap is enough for vibration transfer without creating the opportunity for a lot of tuning instability, and in fact, in the past I believe Paul himself recommended a single wrap on the locking tuners. Want to say I saw it in a tutorial from Skitchy on the PRS YT channel a few years back.
I've heard the opposite too, that heavier tuners impart better tone (like a heavier bridge).
This is directly from PRS website.
“Designed to PRS's specifications, these lightweight tuners provide precise tuning and won't dampen your tone.”

Not sure but I know Graphtech bridges are a lot lighter than the stock bridges I replaced and it definitely improved tone/sustain. Not sure if it has to do with the type of metal, the weight, or combination of the two.

Here are pics of the stock tuners and PRS lockers on a scale. The lockers are approximately 2g heavier than the stock. Not sure if it’s the weight or the brass post, but guitar is definitely more resonant. They also hold tune better than the stock tuners. I follow PRS guidelines of keeping two fingers of space under the string before locking it in place and tuning to pitch
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