SE CE - Third time a charm?


Bend it to the Owl!
Sep 26, 2020
Taking advantage of the sale, I bit and bought a SE CE Blood Orange. Neck not aligned well and askew in the pocket and returned that one.

Received replacement (#2), looks really good, neck is great looking, bridge trem screws are not straight. It plays really nice and sounds good so I'm undecided on keeping it and PTC, or return for number three.



Not really asking for an opinion, but thoughts are present I am sure. Feel free to share. Mostly wanted to grumble a little, as I haven't had any issue for a while with the new SE's.
Very strange. Never seen imperfections like that. When you think about it it should not be possible as I am sure a machine drills those holes. I would say the 4th screw is bent thus the alignment problem
Agreed. It’s more likely that the head of the screw is about to twist off.

The SE trem screws are molded and softer. I’ve had a couple screws that were starting to bend when backing them out to replace them.
I would think it’s a screw issue. I would detune it, remove the springs, and remove the one screw to assess it closely. I would ask ptc for a new set of screws if the screw is bent or about to break. I would return it if the screw looks normal
Dang, I went and furiously checked mine lol. Nope thats definitely not normal and I'd be worried about prolonged trem use..