RIP JImmy Buffett

You know actually, he was probably the closest we have ever seen to Kokopelli in person! At least closest I can think of!!

He is known as a fertility deity and a god of the harvest, as well as the bearer of good luck, most often depicted as a humpback flute player. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli is said to preside over both childbirth and agriculture, but is also said to be a trickster god, who also represents the spirit of music.

I mean come on, how many women have been impregnated because of Margarita's, and how many of those Margarita's were drank as a result of JB's song!! So fertility, music, trickster, he was a walking, singing parrot Kokopelli!!!
Yeah, this one hurts. He may not have had alot of chart hits, but the mark he made was huge. We've seen him many times, and listened to his music on many vacations especially. Underrated songwriter (especially his older stuff). He will be greatly missed.
Oh man. The icons of my (our, there’s a lot of us) generation are falling. I used to stay at a cheap hotel in Palo Alto a few days a week to cut down on the commute when I worked for a satellite manufacturer. One evening I heard some happy commotion, and outside there’s a couple of old Volkswagen vans, and half a dozen folks in Hawaiian shirts and straw hats. A couple of them with stuffed parrots affixed to their shoulders. Jimmy Buffet was playing in San Jose that night.

Edit - parrot heads. The stuffed parrots were probably on the hats.
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Jimmy did drink from the PRS Kool-Aid..... He clearly liked telecaster's and Martin acoustics.
His songs allow me to reboot perspective. great musician.