RIP TIna Turner

Man, oh man… what a loss. Such a strong example to women in bad relationships that you can get out, and you can succeed on the other side. She made it through a lot, and found success, love, and peace in her life. It took a lot of woman to be Tina Turner.
Here is an interesting story about Tina that a lot of people have not heard.

When Frank Zappa was recording the "Apostrophe" and "Overnight Sensation" albums, he needed some female backup singers. His road manager suggested The Ikettes, and Ike & Tina Turner were contacted. Ike Turner insisted that Zappa pay the singers, including Tina Turner, no more than $25 per song. However, an invoice shows that they were actually paid $25 per hour, and in total $187.50 each for 7 1/2 hours of service.[2] During the recording sessions at Bolic Sound, Tina brought Ike into the studio to hear the highly difficult middle section of "Montana" which had taken the Ikettes a few days to learn and master. Ike listened to the tape and responded "What is this ****?" before leaving the studio. Ike later insisted that Zappa not credit the Ikettes on the released album.


Here is a video from those recording sessions.

“I don’t know how she managed to stick with that guy for so long,” Zappa said in the Miles book. “He treated her terribly and she’s a really nice lady. We were recording down there on a Sunday. She wasn’t involved with the session, but she came in on Sunday with a whole pot of stew that she brought for everyone working in the studio. Like out of nowhere, here’s Tina Turner coming in with a rag on her head bringing a pot of stew. It was really nice.”

Such a blessing that she broke free from that scumbag Ike!
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