PRS SE HBII...Arrived!

Total transparency…
I knew it was something like that. I was yanking your chain a little. But hey, thanks for the info. That’s good looking editing.
TBH, I did suspect a little chain-yankin'. The editing requires a relatively steady hand as one connects the left-click dots around the image outline. That's my only issue with the can't photo-edit after a night of reckless fun...perhaps it's the software's only drawback. There's a lot more one can do with the Pixelmator; I've only used it for capturing quality images that add to my household photo frames...
Love it! Congrats!

Sweet top!
Thanks. When I sent in the photos to be enlarged to 8x10s, one photo came back with a green hue around the lower front edge, as you can see in the first edit. Somehow, the green hue was accentuated, although no exposure, tint, or hue edits were done.

Methinks CVS's photo processing modifies your original photo slightly...have learned to work around this, but if one brightens up the image too much, it looks unnatural. Like someone wearing sunglasses late at night. Unless you're going blind, I don't understand the need, or purpose of the added tint...