PRS has re-engineered the shape of its tuners

On PRS hollowbodies, which are light bodied guitars to begin with, it’s the difference between having considerable neck dive and hanging balanced on a strap.
I have a HBII and a SC HBII and they both have phase III tuners on them with metal buttons. Neither has a hint of neck dive. If we are talking SGs, that is a different story. Most of those that I have had in my hands are neck heavy.
Everyone lost their sh!t.
You're right. Bullsh!t controversy over inconsequential change is the expectation on the internet.

I always think, PRS isn't putting a gun to anyone's head and saying, "You must buy this."

My own feeling is, don't like it, don't buy it. PRS will not be hurting for sales over tuner buttons, nitro finishes, the color of the pickup rings, plastic control cavity covers, moons vs dots or any of the other things folks complain bitterly about as though they were life or death.

Hate the buttons? There are other brands with different buttons; or tell the dealer to change the buttons in order to make the sale. This is not rocket science.
I'd concur on the weight bit. Remember when they changed from PIII to Vintage on the 594 and Paul said it was for weight relief, and how it effeced tone. Everyone lost their sh!t. Well, here's picture proof that they were lighter. And, I can recall sitting with Mr. 594 (aka MA Pete) one afternoon with a couple of new 594s (meaning 2020...nitro, tuners, etc) and a couple of the "old" version. We both agreed that there was something a little "more" with the newer ones. Was it the nitro? Was it the tuners? Don't know, but it was discernable.



When I changed the stock SE tuners to lockers on the SE 245 I never thought to get out my drug scales (oops I don’t have any really, scales or drugs) and weigh the old tuners against the new ones and I did change the buttons to ebony ones. I love the feel of the ebony keys.

I know holding the bag with the old metal keys against the new ebony ones, there’s a discernible weight difference.
Has anybody else noticed it kind of looks like they took the existing Phase III buttons and just put them on upside-down? Not exactly… but kind of.

If it’s a huge issue, the Phase III’s, I believe, are still made by Gotoh. There’s no shortage of aftermarket buttons either from Gotoh, allparts, or a myriad other vendors.
Personally I think the Phase II and III tuners were a perfect design and this change is a step backwards. To have some guitars with non locking tuners also does not make sense as it increases the time to change strings for no reason. I think locking tuners should be standard on every guitar if nothing more for the simple convenience. Also, the vintage style tuners are a cheaper design overall and look less refined. I can't imagine that the weight change would alter sound significantly enough to justify the change. Honestly this feels like fixing something that wasn't an issue and maybe just a cost savings measure?
The use of off-the-shelf parts is a cost-saving measure. With PRS, there is currently none. Their pickup bobbin design, their bridge design, their nut, their tuners (and now buttons). Inject mould costs money. I feel confused as to why I even have to type this
I used to work in the plastics industry many years ago. Injection molding doesn't cost as much as you may think. The biggest cost is the making of the mold. Once that is done, you can pump out tons of product at a low price.
I’m not a big fan of the new buttons, but I really don’t care tbh. I buy the guitars, and if the buttons bother me to any extent I’ll just change them. On the other hand, I won’t buy a guitar without locking tuners, or a way I can change them to lockers without drilling into them. I love the tweaked phase 3 lockers, and they’re on all my PRSes with that footprint. On the ones with phase 2 lockers, I changed the buttons to ebony or the ivoroid material years ago, and have never experienced any “tone loss”, or “tone improvement “. In the end, I feel it’s “much ado about nothing”…to quote the bard. It’s nice to have the choices and the options that we all have!
As long as there’s not a stringwinder fitment problem, they look okay. Even if they remind me a bit of Lampwick’s teeth.
Stringwinder…aren’t they locking? If you’re adding enough winds to use one of those, it’s too many!
I am the weirdo that likes non-locking tuners. Not afraid to say it. I’ve taken locking tuners off many Gibsons over the years and took them back to Kluson style tuners. My 2001 McCarty just got a set of the recent bintage style non locking tuners and they feel great, solid, and do their job smoothly.

That said, I don’t like these “new” buttons at all. Like, thats an easy no from me.
And I say new, but the shape was in thise old Socerer’s Apprentice blueprints from the pre-factory days. Seems like Paul’s just finally chasing an old dream to me.