PRS Brushed Humbucker Covers vs Suhr Raw Nickel Covers


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May 6, 2021
Hello guys,

I have a PRS CE22 from 2008 and swapped the Dragon humbuckers for a Lollar Imperial in the neck and a PAF-like bridge humbucker from a local pickup maker. for the Imperial I brushed a Nickel cover myself. Now I found a great deal here in germany for a Suhr Thornbucker with the Raw nickel cover and I am wondering if it would somehow fit the cover of my PRS CE22?

Did some of you saw the Suhr Raw nickel cover in person?

This is my PRS:

This is a picture of a Thornbucker:

They look very similar to me.

Thanks :)
You need to verify that the polepieces of your pickup will pass through the six holes in the new raw nickel cover.

I have a bunch of raw nickel paf size covers that will not fit humbuckers made even slightly wider than a 1950's Gibson PAF.
It is my black PRS in the first picture. I brushed a cover myself and fitted it to Lollar Imperial Neck Now I´ve ordered a Suhr Thornbucker Bridge for a great price and am wondering if it would fit aesthatically.
I think it will work aesthetically. The Suhr won't have the brush lines, but the shade is similar. You could always give the Suhr a light brushing as well.
The Thornbuckers are 50mm and 53mm. I am not sure what the PRS ones are but a lot of vintage style buckers are 49mm and some are 52mm like Dimarzio.