Oof! I seriously f**ked up my right hand.


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Apr 26, 2012
I was washing dishes last night, broke a plate, and put a deep @ss gash into the meaty palm area of my thumb on my right hand.

Blood everywhere , ER, X-rays, five stitches, maybe some tendon damage, and god yeah, it hurts.

No guitar, no driving, no Rosy Palm and her four friends, no video games, no keyboards… I’m wrecked. Thank goodness I made the switch to bidets (y’all gotta go there if you haven’t) because my technique of wiping with the left is… let’s say; flawed.

Man, dunno how lucky I’ve been all these years without wrecking my mitts before.

I guess I’m gonna catch up on TV (I need to buy a left handed remote control) until this heals and I go to a hand specialist.

I’ll spare you the horror show pictures, because @Lola ’s husband’s feet has significantly traumatized us for the year.

But yeah, I’mma Sad Serge. I hope I can hold a pick again.
Sorry to hear that man... I feel your pain, I am no stranger to hand injuries , my last one happened to my left hand and couldn't even think about playing a guitar or even hold a cup of coffee or cigarette with my left hand for over a year...
Hoping its just a bad flesh wound and there's no ligament or tendon damage.
My advice is keep that puppy elevated like Horsshack, throw your hand in a ziploc when showering, and after a couple of days of healing if your hand swells get a bag of frozen peas to place on your hand.. Hold it on there as long as you can stand it...
I did a similar (but much less damaging) thing a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea that one of the glasses in the sink was broken.
Sliced my right thumb and forefinger.
Caught it just in time before it went too deep.
You went all in man... brutal.
There are better and more controlled ways to be a blood donor.
Gawd damn.. that sucks. With a thread title like that, as soon as I read, "I was washing dishes last night, broke a plate," I gasped and shivered because I guessed what was coming.

Clearly you found a way to type, so we can still see you around these parts; but it's the actual "no guitar playing" (which we know is more important than internet chatting) that sucks worse. Not to mention the straight-up pain and aggravations that you're dealing with now in everyday life.

Sending positive vibes your way for a speedy & complete recovery.
Hang in there, keep thinking positive. One step at a time. I mangled my LEFT hand twice in 2 years: first I put a circular saw blade right down the middle of my middle finger. Stitches, nerve damage. Luckily I didn't hit bone, no surgery was needed. The tip where it presses on the strings is still more sensitive than the rest, probably always will be. I consider myself lucky.

One year later, bacon grease gave me what they now call a partial-depth burn (basically a 2-1/2 degree burn, any more and skin grafts would have been required), again on the left hand. Fried (literally) my thumb and index finger. With the exception of the skin pigment, they function totally normal. Again- I consider myself lucky.

At least you didn't SEVER a finger! Just hang in, keep thinking positive. If you cut a tendon, that's a bigger deal of course, but not insurmountable. Bless you and prayers coming your way!