NGD incoming, because I am weak and easily led... Let There Be Dragons!

I really like CE22's. Personally, I think they have more "bounce" and sound more lively than CU22's.

A cross between a Fender and a Gibson = PRS CE22!

You'll like the single coil sounds too. #2 and #4 on the rotary switch.

I especially like the single coil sound from #2, which is between the neck #1 and middle position#3 on the 5 way switch.

Some think the #3 position is both humbuckers combined.

It's not.

It's the slug coil of each humbucker combined in series to create a "phantom middle pickup"!
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Well well... the FedEX gods have smiled upon me and voila, look what arrived two days early:



First thing I did after opening the box was trick it out with a strap I found in the parts drawer, then clear/black lampshades and Gilmour trem arm courtesy John Mann. Then I tuned it up and played it for an hour, and now I've torn myself away from the music room long enough to take a couple pics, but it's a wretched, rainy day here today...

Anyway, I have to admit that the description of "unplayed/mint" was entirely accurate. This guitar has zero wear of any kind anywhere... except for what appears to be some paper dust in the case that I'll have to vacuum out in a couple minutes, it is essentially "as new"... literally... it's almost unbelievable.

Unbelievable because it's loud and resonant as heck acoustically; really rings out! And plugged in, I'm loving it so far! I'll have more to say on that after I've logged a few hours with it... Of course, it plays beautifully, but every guitar I've ever received from The Guitar Shop (and there have been a fair few of them) has arrived impeccably set up.

Awesome looking CE22! I almost went there to buy it as soon as it came in, but I'd just bought a guitar there the week before and was making myself chill out, haha. TGS is a great place!

Looks like a killer guitar, enjoy! :D

Lucky me I hadn't bought a guitar there in almost a year, so I was "due" ... In truth, I resisted as long as I could; I figured surely someone else would grab it and I wouldn't have to find room in the closet for another guitar case, but when Bodia posted about getting his CE22 and I saw this one was still there a week later, I broke down...

Killer! Glad I could "help"..... :p:cool:

Man, I'm so glad I listened to you!

Anyway, gotta go do life stuff now, but I can't wait to get back to this new axe.