Newer vs. Older Custom 24 Pickup Settings

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jesse Segovia, Aug 30, 2021.

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    I've owned a few '90s Custom 24s (and one '86 PRS model) with the rotary pickup selector switch so I'm very familiar with and happy with the position - is it the 4th position? - that sounds like a Strat with the pickup selector switch in between the first and second (or second and third) pickups. This sound is great for funky Nile Rodgers or bluesy Stevie Ray Vaughan tones. I think it's also the Mark Knofler 'Sultans of Swing' tone.

    My question is, do newer Custom 24s with 59/09 or 85/15 pickups get this same tone, and is it just as effective as the older guitars? I see that PRS has changed the pickup selector switch settings so the 2nd and 4th positions are physically different than they used to be. I've looked at lots of newer Custom 24 demo videos but I can't find one single video where someone uses these settings in a funk or bluesy settings.

    I'm considering buying a Custom 24 and selling my only Strat to help pay for it, and I don't want to find out I no longer have access to that particular tone which I actually use a lot with my classic rock band.



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