Newbie saying hello and a pup ?

east Boston guy

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Dec 29, 2023
Hello folks. I’m new to this forum. a while back I bought my first PRS guitar. The PRS. SE Paul’s guitar I really like this guitar it plays and sounds great. But I’ve been thinking of upgrading the pups for the USA made pups. They’re pretty expensive at 500 bucks. My question is, is it worth upgrading? Is there really that much difference in the sound. I’m sure people out there have tried this, if so, can you tell me what your results were before I bought the guitar I read the reviews and they all said how bad the tuners were, so I had planned on changing them. The tuners do look cheap, but they stay in tune, instead of wasting my money on the tuners , I thought I’d put it towards the pups. Thanks in advance for any replies I might get and I hope everyone has a happy new year.
I’m not sure if you can buy core Paul’s Guitar pickups, unless someone is selling them “used” which I highly doubt.
Highly subjective I think. And what you hear in a store on a core may not be what you hear at home if you do an upgrade, if you can get them. The most common upgrades or changes (I think anyway) are for other brand pickups for completely different voicings.