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Jun 26, 2012
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I have been working on MODCAT decoders. I started with data for 2013 and have been filling in data for older and/or discontinued models as I find it. This represents a lot of time keyboarding and formatting. I ask only that if you reproduce it or pass it along that you give me credit.

If you see errors or can supply data for omissions, let me know and I will modify.

A MODCAT can usually be found under the pups and looks like this: SLM2FAHFIET_FR_HB-BS
Yours will have different letters and numbers unless you stole Les's guitar...

First up is the Electric (core) Guitar MODCAT:

TFC codied an interactive javscript decoder for us. Here it is:

click here for the automatic MODCAT decoder!

Here is the current dataset: (download a PDF here: modcat.pdf )

As a bonus, here is the 2013 Electric (core) Guitar NECK MODCAT: (download a PDF here: 2013neckmodcat.pdf )

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still working on modcats

I need some missing info on some older models like the designation for the old McCarty archtops and the HB spruce and the HBI, and any other model missing from the list below.

I'm also missing codes for some of the older pups like the Dragons.

Have a look at the list below and fill in anything you see missing and I'll add them to the modcat I'm working on.

I also need any codes for the S2 series for maybe a separate modcat.

see OP ^^^^
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Missing 53/10s, maybe the middle pickup designation on the Henderson.

but can you get me the codes????

I only have the current codes, so there are lots of holes to fill for older and/or discontinued stuff.

I could make some educated guesses like HS for hollowbody Spruce and HI for hollowbody one, or D for dragon pups, but I want this thing to be accurate and factual, not educated guesses.

I need you guys to look at your cases and help fill in the blanks.
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By the way, were you planning on putting together a web page that will allow you to enter in your code and will then tell you what it means, or are you simply looking to gather all the info into the OP? Either way, thx for doing this.
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Cool, thanks. If you like, when you are finished, shoot me a PM and maybe I'll set aside some time to put together some JavaScript that'll enable you to enter your MODCAT and have it spit out your guitar's specs, based on the info you've gathered.
Awesome work! I can see a double up of 408 (perhaps SL should be Sig Ltd) and I don't see any strippers (the bane of my existence). I may have a photo of the MODCAT from my stripper at home but I'm sure someone can beat me to it :)

Also I wonder what Obeche is (from X series)

I'll just edit this post as I think of things :)
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It appears some of the older codes have been 'recycled' to new meanings.

The SL under code 1 might should read Signature Limited...

I'll change it if I get confirmation from someone.
Oy. I frequently suffer typing transposition errors....

No problem. You asked to let you know if we saw any errors :biggrin:

PM your email and I can get you more info that might be helpful.
I have gotten the code for the online MODCAT Decoder to run on my local machine. I need to update the data, so I'll give it a day or two for people to give you feedback. Then I'll take all the data and add it to the site.

Unfortunately, I don't have a place to host the webpage. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll search around for something free, even if it's temporary, just so it can be made public and we can test it out.