I thought I was done buying amps...then I hear this PRS Sonzera 20 watt...


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Dec 30, 2012
Paonia Colorado
I sure like the sounds coming from the PRS Sonzera 2o watt. Maybe just as much as the HDRX 2O!

A little thicker tone. Less Marshally and more...what? Dumble? Cornford?

Reminds me a little of those Cornford Amps Dweezil Zappa was using.

I've never played through a Cornford but used, the Sonzera 20 is about the same price or even less than the HDRX 20.

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Unless there are reliability issues, the Sonzera 20 seems like a winner to me!

Thinking bout grabbing a used head.
And I did! Sprang for the 50 watt version with EL34's from Dave's.

Read and listened alot and the beefier sound of the 50 watt version called to me.

Read and watched reviews and everyone seems to think it's an awesome amp,

I'll put one of my HDRX 20's on Reverb
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Should be here today, Thursday, by 3:50 PM.

Of course they told me it'd be here Wednesday by 7:00 and originally it was supposed to arrive Monday!

Has incompetence and a "it's OK...our customers will just keep buying from us regardless of how we treat them" attitude, replaced telling the truth and an actual "work ethic" in our human society?

If so, some are in for a rude awakening.
Amp arrived two days ago and I love it.

Is it a little hissy? Yes!

But no more so than a 50 or 60 year old Marshall.

I grew up on 60's Marshalls and this amp sounds killer to me and it's more versatile.

The clean channel is a excellent platform for pedals. There's also an effects loop.

If you can snag one locally for cheap (Locally so you hear it in person. it's been discontinued) grab it.

I'm too weak to post much here. Everything wears me out. Even making a post.

But don't be afraid to give this great rock amp a try. I like it as much as my HDRX20 and it's nice having real spring reverb on both channels and for the reverb settings to be independent of each other

It does get loud in a hurry. So do non-master volume vintage Marshalls.

If that's what it takes to get those tones so be it,
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Santa brought me one of the new Sonzera 20's and it's a great amp. I've been running it through an attenuator. The clean channel sounds great clean and starts to break up nicely around 2-3 o'clock. The drive channel is a lot of fun too. I have drive and clean boost pedals but between the two channels on the amp have not really needed them.