Frank Zappa - 30 Years


Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
It's been 30 years since Frank Zappa died. Hard to believe how the time has flown. I was lucky enough to see him three times, including twice on the final tour in 1988. Aside from all of his wonderful music, he's led me to a plethora of wonderful musicians, all of which I can trace back to him.

One of my favorites, from the final tour.

Zappa and Miles are my two biggest regrets in the “musicians I could have seen but missed” category. In both cases, I literally COULD have seen them but passed up tickets under the always foolish “I’ll see them another time” premise. Both times I didn’t go to the show with friends because of a girl. :rolleyes:

In my defense, I was an 18 year old male at the time. :D
My musical GOD! I won't blather on here (maybe later), but anyone who does not at least respect the genius that this man was is dead weight to me!! Zappa for President!!! Was able to see him just once, and it was my first concert as well ;~))

Talk about setting the bar high!

The first time I saw FZ, we got tix at the venue the day of the show. Had issues parking, walked in just as things were starting. There were issues w/finding the seats. One usher sat us one place, then someone came with those tix. So that usher moved us to another place, same thing happened again. THAT usher took us into the lobby, looked at our tix, and said, "Wait here." Came back a couple minutes later and said, "Follow me." They'd set up folding chairs for us. In the aisle. Center stage, about 10 feet away from the man. Glorious doesn't begin to describe it.
I didn't get into Frank until after his death. Between what he released during his lifetime and the vault, there is a seemingly endless supply.

I've been digging the heck out of the Over-Nite Sensation 50th Anniversary edition that was recently released. Mostly because it has two live recordings from that early '73 band, which was a great iteration not heard much.