Difference between Natural and Walnut veneer anyone


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Aug 31, 2022
Hi, I'm just about to purchase a PRS SE Mark Holcomb SVN 7-String Electric Guitar with the Natural Finish.

On the site I'm buying the guitar from, there are two variants:
This one says the body material is Beveled Maple with Quilted Maple or Walnut Veneer (Top)

There's another variant of the same guitar that's about 35$ less (the prices on the site are in SGD)
On this one, the wood looks slightly more natural/less dark, and in the specs, it says the body material is Beveled Maple (Top)

It looks like there's no Walnut veneer on the second one, which makes the body look lighter.

But I searched all over the net, and I can't find any site or literature which lists two variants of the natural finish model; everywhere I look, I see the first one, ie, the walnut satin finish.

Would anyone be able to shed any light here on the difference between the two in terms of appearance and resilience? Has anyone owned the natural (non walnut finish variant?) Is that a newer or older model?
Ok, I got an update from the store support.
The cheaper one is the 2021 model, and the other is the 2022 model. The wood color looking lighter and the body details being different are just information bits missing on the store's page, apparently both are walnut veneered. Odd.