Bond... James Bond. (Spoiler alert)


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
Have you seen Skyfall yet?

Did the crowd cheer when Bond opened the old garage door, exposing the classic Bond Aston Martin DB5 (like they did when I saw it)?

Did you love the opening scene with the Land Rover Defender as much as I did?

Was your wife pissed that Bond let the chick take a bullet (like mine was)?

Don't you agree that Calypso makes a super-hot Moneypenny?

Best Bond film?

(If you haven't seen the movie, you might not want to read this thread. There are bound to be some spoilers.)
I don't know about a bro-mance but he certainly makes fighting seem like a good idea.


Did you see all the guys in the theater laugh uncomfortable when he said "What makes you think this is my first time?" LOL
I loved it! the mrs loved it too!
there was a ripple of cheers when the db5 came out, M's comment made me laugh

Best Bond yet, the standard keeps getting raised. I can't wait for the next one now.
Daniel Craig is perfect bond just now

I suggest a thread title change to include the words: "warning: plot spoilers" since there are several in the OP
I went nuts at the sight of the old Aston Martin (n fact, when he opened the garage door, I whispered to my wife, "it's gonna' be an old Aston...". I also loved it when they immediately went with the 60's twangy guitar Bond theme music as he drove away. My wife even commented on that.

Bond threatening to eject M was also a hoot!

Great film.

On a side note, Istanbul is quickly becoming cliché. The rooftop chase that opened the movie? The very same rooftops were used in a chase scene in Taken 2 and also in "The International", with Clive Owen...

I saw it last Friday, I like how the movie explains how many characters came to be who they are.