11s on SE Custom 24


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Apr 3, 2018
The edge of nowhere, Minnesota, USA
Got my first PRS 12 days ago. Such a beautiful instrument.

Sweetwater's photos before sending it were way better than any I take.

But, I haven't made enough posts to share those with you.

Anyhoo, I had Sweetwater do a setup on her to run 11s. It plays like I've had this guitar for a decade, with one concern. Any use of the trem leaves the three lowest strings sharp. I'm wondering if maybe the nut grooves were too narrow for these strings, and binding. Really not wanting to jack up my new guitar, I used a little slot filing set to smooth those three slots out, very gingerly, and rubbed some pencil lead into them. I only sanded with the wire that fit into each groove with just a hint of resistance. It's improved but, not perfect, yet. So, all this rambling is to ask a few questions:

A) How do I make sure I'm not going too far in sanding these grooves?

2) Am I on the right track?

III) How accurate should I expect tuning to be with use of this trem?

Congrats. Sounds like Sweetwater neglected to adjust the slots for the bigger strings. I haven't had the guts to file a nut, but I think the trick is to widen the slots, without deepening them.

With a good nut and setup it should stay in tune pretty darn well.
Thank you for the response!

I'm a bit nervous about messing with sanding and filing on the nut, myself but, I live in a very sparsely populated part of Minnesota, where it's very likely the closest actual luthier is 85 miles away, minimum. I guess that means I'd better start learning the finer points of doing for myself.
Did you contact Sweetwater @MRHIGHSPEED ? They are very big on customer satisfaction. If you don't mind sending it back to them (most likely they will pay shipping since it seems to be their setup issue) I am sure they would take care of it for you. Their techs do nice work.
Here's the pics!



You have to upload them on to a picture hosting site like Imgur and then copy the link into the body of the text in your comment
I would double check and make sure the bridge is level if you haven't already. might have to adjust the claw screws in the back. I had a Santana se that I put 11s on and didn't really have a problem with the strings going out of tune with some mild whammy bar usage. but I did have to tweak the screws a couple of times as the strings stretched out and what not.
Very nice! That red finish looks like dark red embers with that slightly darkened edge-burst.