yellow tiger

  1. shimmilou

    NGDR - 2021 Cu 24-08 - Yellow Tiger

    R = Rollercoaster, for the ups and downs of this guitar purchase. The Cu 24 was on my short list, and I have seen a lot of them that were nice, but just not many that checked all the boxes for me. Usually when I found one that was appealing, I considered it for a while, then it was gone. One...
  2. Utkarsh

    Modern Eagle 1 : Full Video

    Hi folks, Continuing my weekend project. Have had my ME1 for a few months now and impressed doesn't fully cover it. My thoughts and detailed info in this video, and in case you have ever wondered how 57/08s sound compared to 58/15 LTs, you can just compare the sound clips to 594 video (exact...