1. G

    Excited about my new PRS that's coming ... Until I came to the forums

    I recently, got back into playing guitar and bought myself a new PRS Custom 24 SE after doing a ton of research. I couldn't try it out because my city is still on lockdown, but overall I was super happy and couldn't wait. It is being shipped and has not arrived yet. I then came across a whole...
  2. L

    PRS SE Custom 22 - Tuning stability

    Hello, I bought a PRS SE Custom 22 2018 one year ago. I restringed it after some months, from the original 9-42 strings to the D'Addario 10.5-48 and the string tension of the unwound strings was really too much. My personal technic fixed it lowering the bridge. The strings are a bit more harder...
  3. T

    Will PRS SE Clint Lowery sound good in standard tuning?

    Hello folks! So i'm a beginner/ kind of intermediate, been playing an acoustic for a couple of months, and want to buy my first electric. I don't have much knowledge about stuff, I was considering the PRS Custom 24, but found a really good deal for the SE Clint lowery signature model from a...
  4. Chris Crumpton

    Tuning fun and conundrums

    I’m having issues with my new CE24 staying in tune when I go to drop D. But once I go back to standard it’s solid as a rock. Is the trem on CE24 similar to other floating trems where the springs need to be balanced out to accommodate tuning changes? Also My preferred string gauges are 10-52 in...
  5. D

    SE Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I've got two SE's. An SE Custom 24, and an SE Mark Holcomb. I find that with both, the tuning is so unstable, playing a few notes can throw it out. Only slightly at first, but a bend will generally mess it up a fair bit. With the Custom, I installed locking tuners, but still get...
  6. GavQuinn

    PRS SE245 Stoptail string gauge/intonation

    Hi Guys, I have my 2 SE 245 guitars set up with USA nuts, filed out for 11s. I did the intonation just fine as Paul said in the video, set the 2 E strings and sure enough, intonation has fallen into place. I did leave the bass side a bit flat at the 12th fret, this kept the lower strings...
  7. N

    Pole Piece's on my Custom 22's Dragons won't move

    Apologies if this is the dumbest question. I just tried to adjust the pole pieces on my covered Dragon pickups and realized they won't move. Is this the way the cover is and I'd have to remove the covers to adjust the poles? Or is this an anomaly? Never bothered to check on this since I bought...
  8. R

    11' Custom 24 Tuning Issues

    Hey fellow PRS friends, I'm having some issue's with tuning stability with my 2011 Custom 24. When I first purchased it brand new, it stayed in tune incredibly well. After a few years of owning it, I decided to have a bone nut installed by a mediocre guitar tech. After she botched the job and...
  9. B

    SE Santana won't stay in tune

    I have played mostly Strats, but recently bought one of the new SE Santanas for the humbuckers, and just to check it out. I like it a lot, the neck, the tone, how it looks. I use the tremolo but not super aggressively. I couldn't keep the stock in tune, changed the .010 strings twice, so I...