Chris Crumpton

Guitars and Gear addict
Jul 18, 2017
West Monroe, LA
I’m having issues with my new CE24 staying in tune when I go to drop D. But once I go back to standard it’s solid as a rock. Is the trem on CE24 similar to other floating trems where the springs need to be balanced out to accommodate tuning changes? Also My preferred string gauges are 10-52 in drop C. Will I need to slot the nut to accommodate the heavier lower strings? I know the CE series generally ships with a heavier gauge of strings correct? I do realize I could just get into her to discover these things but honestly I’d rather ask first before I risk any scratches on my first week of ownership lol. God I love this guitar
When you go to drop D, you change the tension on the trem springs, which only affects everything. I say keep it in standard, and get another one set up specifically for Drop D. Do you still have your SE?
If you still have the stock strings - ditch them. My Silver Sky was a nightmare with the stock strings (they were locked super tight), but it’s been perfect since changing them. It does come with 10’s. I had CE in drop d for a bit and had no issues. The trem was still correct height and parallel to the body. It did take a bit of retuning the other 5 strings but once done, it seemed to balance out fine for me.