1. M

    CE24 Spring vibration

    Hi Just got as PRS CE24 a few weeks ago. I'm getting kind of built in reverb on the 'C' note on the D string and some others. High E on 12th fret. I took the back off and two of the springs are vibrating. Full disclosure, I changed the 10ga strings that came with it with 9ga so I suppose there...
  2. J

    Prs se 24 standard tremolo springs

    So recently I noticed that my prs se 24 standard only has 3 springs instead of 4(or 5) . So my question is which springs fit in for my prs se 24 standard,because I need them due to the fact that my guitar bridge is very high know(cause it only has 3 springs in it)
  3. J

    Prs se Standard 24 springs.

    So recently I bought my new Prs se Standard 24. And everything was fine until I changed the strings to a heavier gauge and suddenly the bride was standing up high. So I put off the backplate and thigtend up the screw but it didn't help. Then I found out that the guitar comes with 4 springs(it's...
  4. the_doc735

    PRS tremolo systems

    I can't find a definitive answer concerning the available trem systems and their manufacturing materials? (including 'here'): ...does anyone have actual knowledge (not guesses) as to what trems. are available and what they are made of please? e.g. core CE SE S2 e.g. block springs screws the...
  5. J

    PRS SE Custom springs question

    Hello, I recently purchased a used PRS SE Custom. Interestingly enough, there are places for five springs in the back of the guitar but there were only four installed; the remaining one was in the gig bag. Do these come with only four installed and another one in the bag or do you think...