se neck

  1. Ovibos

    SE Holcomb intonation

    Did a little work on it tonight, and almost have it dialed in. Neck needed less relief to get near straight (Chicago winters), minor saddle tweaks. However, I just can't quite get the 6th (C) string in tune at the 12th fret. I've moved the saddle pretty much as far back as it goes and we're...
  2. bbosla

    Old PRS SE Santana Neck bending

    Hello~ I'm new in here, and I got Old Se Santana 2001 recently. Appearance is not pretty, but the sound killer~! But I got a big problem~ Help me out guys! For initial setting, the string height was 2mm at 12th fret at the beginning. After half turne of truss rod, it became 1.2mm. And there...