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  1. LTigh

    N(U)GD SE Bernie Marsden

    Right, so one of my big regrets of my time in Colorado (besides living in Colorado) was letting go of my PRSi to fund the escape from Bizarro World, most notably the Bernie Marsden I scored NOS for $319 back in 2013. I mean, I miss the rest of them (okay, the S2 maybe not so much, but I were in...
  2. MichaelS

    Lessons Learned - US Parts on SE

    Some lessons learned on installing the following parts on a 2017 Custom 22 SE (Please post additional lessons learned of issues you encountered with US parts on your SE, S2, or CE) - PRS Lampshade knobs - US HFS/VB - PRS Pickup Rings - MannMade NOS2000 Trem - PRS 3-way, pots (push/pull tone) -...