s2 standard

  1. G

    Got my s2 Standard 24 Satin today, and it's awesome!

    I've been pretty happy with my SE custom, except for a few things. There was minor paint imperfections, Normal I guess for a made in indonesia guitar, the tone knob came slightly crooked. Turned out the stem holding the knob, came slightly bent, I don't know if its actaully bent or if it was...
  2. I

    S2 Standard: 58/15 or 85/15 or #7 Pickups?

    Looks like the 2021 S2 Standards have 58/15 pickups, but earlier years, at least 2019, had 85/15. I'm looking hard at getting an S2 Standard Satin. Anybody here played both 58/15 and 85/15 pickups? (Ideally both on S2 Standards, but that's probably asking too much.) What's your impression of...
  3. Jayden Hammer

    Help Me Choose My Next PRS!!! S2 or CE?

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here (I think I might have had an account when I was like 15 but I can't remember) and I wanted to reach out and ask for some help! I've had and loved my Stripped 58 since I got it around 4 years ago. I love the singlecut body style but this time around I am...