1. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Peeka Boo Luna"

    A real rush job here, but had to get this one out the door in honor of this year's 3rd full moon! Part of my song release plan this year (song a week) is that each moon cycle, the song released for that week is moon related. This is the third moon song of the year. First was "Howlin' At The...
  2. Moondog Wily

    "Cold Day In Summer" from Moondog Wily

    Well, my new CU24 "Birtha Luna Bluvi" has made her debut on this new track just released (via distrokid and bandcamp). She is both lead and rhythm on this number. MM Stingray for bass. All feedback positive and negative appreciated!
  3. 222

    Scales: The Missing Link

    You’ve always known something is missing from your guitar playing skills. This is the chart you’ve been looking for. For those who don’t already know about this 9 note scale, learn it and you will suck no more. All the chords and all the riffs are hidden in it. This is the one they hide from...
  4. rnodern

    From Studio to Launch Tour

    I'm an Aussie; spend a lot of time in Asia for work. I play in a Pinoy rock band while I am there. Recently, we recorded an album. The album was self-produced. It's available on Spotify and all other major streaming services. We're really happy and proud with the final product. Links at the...
  5. S

    A Second PRS

    I play in a modern country cover band and I currently have a PRS CE 24 that I love. I'm looking to get a second PRS in the $1000 to $1500 range and was wondering what would be a recommended one to complement the CE 24? The lead guitarist plays mostly Tele's so I'm covering the humbucker rhythm...
  6. T

    Other artists like Crazy Lixx?

    I really like the style of Crazy Lixx. Like I love the music to Rock And A Hard Place. Looking for other music like it. Preferably no cursing btw. Thanks!
  7. D

    New album, heavy PRS content

    Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that I have recently released an album pertaining to a project I’ve worked on the side for some time. It’s named “Death Be Not Proud,“ both as a throwback in remembrance of my old band of the same time and as a continuation of that sort of thing in some small...
  8. AxlGianne

    Replace Stock Pickup

    Hi everyone! I would like to replace stock bridge pickups on my PRS SE CUSTOM 24 (2016). I would like to have more sustain, more mids and just a little more output. I think that stock pu is good for studying but in live and in recording studio it seems to me....mmm... dull. No body, little...
  9. USofguitar

    Anyone into big rock? Check this out: Rouge United | Irresistible

    Hello everyone, The first album of my band Rouge United is now out. We play some female fronted rock. It's energetic and full of solos. If you dig things like Slash, Halestorm, The Used, My Chemical Romance, but with guitar solos in there, you'll dig it! In any case here's the full stream of...