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Mar 1, 2018
Hi everyone! I would like to replace stock bridge pickups on my PRS SE CUSTOM 24 (2016). I would like to have more sustain, more mids and just a little more output.
I think that stock pu is good for studying but in live and in recording studio it seems to me....mmm... dull.
No body, little sustain and a low-medium output.
I'm oriented on Seymour Duncan (DiMarzios seem to me with a closed sound), I love the heat that they make.
Mainly I play 80's and modern metal and also 70's and 80's hard rock; I watched SD Full Shred and JB. On Youtube, I watched this video and I love the caracter of FS especially on the lead, but I dunno if it is for me.

Thank you!
Try replacing the volume pot before the pickups. Get a CTS true 500. That may be all you need. It should be done anyway if it sounds dull, so you lose nothing. This way you can save buy another PRS.
Maybe I wrote the wrong word because I'm italian but already I dont like bridge pickup.
If you want to stick with PRS, maybe HFS or \m/ are options. I have HFS in my SE, and \m/ in a CE standard. They are pretty high output and in no way dull.
\m/ have a cover, but you can find them without cover on reverb.
But if I look at my SE, I wish the HFS/VB was covered.

Also check your pickup height. Too close can do all kinds of weird things to tone. I had my \m/ too close to strings at one point and felt that they needed to go, but after adjusting they are great.
I second the change in height. HFS pickups might also work out.
Agree...definitely try adjusting the p/u height. Just a little tweak can make a huge tonal and output, it's free to try before you spend $$$ on a new set of pups.
Agree, try pickup height first. The reply from dogrocketp also makes sense regarding volume pot.
If pickup change is needed HFS or \m/ If you want to use PRS pups. Best of luck :D