1. NoisyDante

    Another Restoration Project - Standard 22

    I posted on this back in February. I had bought a really beat up Standard for around $1000 on eBay. It was massively scratched up, there were huge chunks taken out of the body and headstock, dings all over the top, the hardware was tarnished, and the amount of gunk that came out of the input...
  2. E

    DIY - PRS 53/10 Pickups Restoration

    I would love to see more PRS-specific DIYs in the Forums. I'm eager to know more about working with PRS guitars and components. Anyway, here is my first contribution to a 'DIY' conversation. I post more as time allows (Phase 2 tuner tear down, Phase 3 tuner tear down, Phase 3 tweaked tuner tear...
  3. NoisyDante

    New PRS Restoration Project - Input Requested

    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted, it's nice to be working full time again! I'm starting another restoration project like the one I did last year with the CU22. I just bought a road worn black '06 Standard 22 off eBay that needs a ton of work and I'm trying to decide how I want to...
  4. guitargeek62

    Restoring an '87 CU24 - suggestions? (UK/EU)

    So I've managed to snag myself a rather nice looking Cu24 recently that's been subject to a fair bit of use over the years. Although it needs a bit of work, I've managed to get it for a killer price so I'm really looking forward to getting it usable again - it's also a "birth-year" guitar for me...