prs mccarty

  1. Mozzi

    PRS McCarty 594 vs PRS McCarty SC 594

    Came across this video comparing the two side by side in a mix - no talking, just playing... Thought it was great and thought it was worth sharing here as its a question that gets asked...
  2. B

    Old McCarty pickups are tops, and you're wrong for changing them

    Okay, I am legit drunk as a skunk right now, but you jabronis are seriously crazy for replacing the old McCarty pups. I was playing a neckthru walnut and maple reinforced guitar with SD distortion, a PRS SE 245, an Epi G-400 pro, and a McCarty from 2004 today on my Mesa Mark IV from 1992 toned...
  3. E

    Fake Or Not

    Is this guitar fake or not? Seller tells this is a custom PRS McCarty
  4. A

    PRS McRosie full song test

    Hey Guys! I've bought my McCarty Rosewood a couple of years ago but since i'm a bit lazy - never really recorded anything with it So I've just recorded a cover of Dream Theater - Another Day song using mostly PRS McCarty Rosewood Hope you enjoy! And sorry for the Ibanez in video lol) here's...