pick up replacement

  1. W

    Question about the Core Paul's Guitar PU?

    Hi there, I'm about to get a good price on a pair of the Core Paul's Guitar Pickups (PRS’s TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) treble and bass pickups), but before I pull trigger and get stuck with them. Does anyone know if you're able to install these pickups into the PG SE body? Not...
  2. J

    How To Wire A SE Custom 24 Out Of Phase?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be replacing the pickups in my SE Custom 24 with Dimarzio Air Classics and am trying to figure out how to use the push-pull pot to switch them out of phase. I've been looking but can't find a diagram for this particular wiring scheme.
  3. B

    Need help 85/15 s

    I will try to be as thorough and complete as possible with this. I have a 2018 PRSSE custom 24 left-handed in Trampas green. I am currently playing it through a 2018 Marshall DSL one head with a black star 112 cabinet with a black bird 50 W speaker. I’ve also played it through several of my...
  4. G

    SE 245 pickup suggestions

    Hello friends! I'm new to this forum and am the proud new owner of my first se 245 in whale blue. I'm pretty new to the electric guitar world but have played classical guitar for several years in college. Before purchasing the se 245, I played the S2 and a rare p245 and was very impressed by...
  5. DavidRome

    PRS Semi-Hollow vs Hollowbody ii (Core Guitars)

    I'm having trouble deciding for sure which model of guitar to buy. Here’s what I have: Guitar #1. 2012 - P22 Stoptail 10 Top - Fade Blue Burst with Blue back and neck (I think it’s a custom color) It has factory replaced HFS and Vintage bass pickups in leu of the 57/08’s (Any opinions about...
  6. J

    1988 CU 24 - pickup replacement. Other update (mods) suggestions.

    I would like to replace the CU 24 original pickups with Semoure Duncan SH2 jazz and SH4 JB pickups. I purchased this guitar in 1989, have always loved it, and this the only update ever made to it. I'm experienced with soldering techniques but have never worked on a guitar. SD has no wiring...
  7. ZeroCertezze

    Pick ups for custom 22

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm sorry if this topic (as I think) has been already discussed. I have a Custom 22 with Dragoon II. They seems to be too "dark" for me. I would like to replace them with pu more "vintage style". What kind of pick up should I install to have a bright and "vintage" sound...