Question about the Core Paul's Guitar PU?


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Jan 19, 2023
Hi there,

I'm about to get a good price on a pair of the Core Paul's Guitar Pickups (PRS’s TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) treble and bass pickups), but before I pull trigger and get stuck with them. Does anyone know if you're able to install these pickups into the PG SE body?

Not really a lot of info out there in the web or the forums, which makes me believe it's not possible due to the size difference of the pickups, rings, and possibly the body cavity. But if it were possible to get these Core pickups in the SE body, any information or thread would be really helpful!

It would be really nice to get that tone from the Core line on this body.
I think they’re smaller so they’d fit in the body cavity but you’d need special pickup rings that cover the whole space but hold the smaller pickup.
Yea definitely gathered from looking at the PUs between the Core and SE. Sadly, I dont think its possible unless I find someone to make that custom pickup ring =\
Perhaps these would work?

Interested to see how this work out!
Right I saw that and was thrilled, then I looked at both bodies. These pick up rings would be too small and would expose the pickup cavity in the SE body =\. Haven't been able to find the dimensions of the Core PG pick ups either